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This is my wedding inspiration board.  We are having a San Diego Modern Wedding at the contemporary museum of art.  The Tiffany blue and chocolart brown color scheme were an eay choice for a San Diego wedding, with its gorgeous ocean.  The clean lines of the bove dress, are perfect for out contemporary art venue.  However as you can see there are also splashes of shartruese.  The chartreuse is really the most important part of the wedding.  My mom passed from cancer a few years back, and since her diagnosis my family has been wearing green bracelets, from the Hispnic sectionof the american cancer Society. The green splashed throughout the wedding will remind us that my mother is watching us always.  I will dawn bright green shoes like the ones above, and hope to incorproate the green into other aspects such as our invitations and bouquet.  Finally, Calas were my mother's favorite flower, and so FH, and I will both have calasin our bout/bouquet

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:40 am
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