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DIY Save the Dates


DIY Save the Dates


This handmade save-the-date from The DIY Bride by Khris Cochran, has a raised window on the surface holding sand and a starfish inside, making it perfect for an elegant beach wedding. But these shaker cards can be crafted to match any party style, since all kinds of small objects-beads, confetti, even seeds-can serve as the filler. Here's how to make them, in 11 simple steps.

*DIY Price: $100 for 100

1 sheet of light blue cardstock, cut to 4.25" by 5.5", for the back
1 sheet of ivory cardstock, cut to 3.75" by 5", for the save-the-date wording
1 sheet of light green card-stock, cut to 3.75" by 5", for the window frame
1 sheet of transparency film, cut to 3.75" by 5", for the window
Double-stick tape
Double-sided foam adhesive strips, less than .25 inch wide
Shells or other extras
Craft sand
Craft knife
Computer and printer

*Note: I went to our local scrapbook store who had those cutout machines and made them in pre-fab sizes.  They turned out a bit bigger (I think they fit A6 envelopes - still mailed with one stamp) but I found it was way easier than taking an exacto knife to them or paper cutter and I fit more/bigger text in them as well..  They had one that just cut out the background and one that cut out a frame.  I used overhead transparencies from staples (my mom had them left over from work-but they're not too expensive and very durable!)


1. Create a document in Microsoft Word on a PC. From the File menu, click on Page Setup, then the Paper tab. Select Custom Page Size from the Paper Size options. Set the custom page size for 3.75" wide by 5" tall. Click OK.

2. Set the margins. From the File menu, click on Page Setup, then the Margins tab. Set the spacing to .25 inch for all margins. Insert your wording, save and print onto ivory cardstock.

3. Adhere the printed ivory cardstock on top of the light blue cardstock with double-stick tape. Make sure it is centered and level. Set it aside.

4. Make the frame. The foam tape will raise the frame, creating a 3-D pocket and allowing you to insert the filler. On the back of the light green cardstock, draw a straight line from top to bottom and another from side to side .25 inch from the edge on each. Using a straight edge and a craft knife, cut along the pencil marks and remove the center.

*Note: Again, see if you can buy pre-made frames or get some cut professionally at the scrapbook  store (ours was so sweet about it, they let us use all their stuff for free-w/o even buying the paper there!), it was so hard to get clean lines with this otherwise, even with a brand-new knife and nice paper.

5. Still working on the back side of the light green cardstock, run a line of double-stick tape near the inner edges.

*Note: Best place to buy is at the dollar store!!

6. Place the transparency sheet on top of the adhesive, and press firmly. (Caution: If there are any gaps where the transparency and adhesive meet, the sand and inclusions will leak.)

7. On top of the transparency, place strips of the double-sided foam tape near the inner edges of the frame, about 1/8 inch in. Make sure there are no gaps or openings between the edges of the foam strips and the foam on the frame. Leave the protective lining on the surface of the tape until you are certain there are no gaps, to avoid attracting lint and debris to the tape.

*Note: We used SO much of this foam tape, way more than they say.  I would suggest buying in bulk online (it gets really expensive buying small rolls @$2 each (for like 5 feet) at walmart/target etc).  We used 3M 1/2" double sided foam tape, I think this was a roll of 36 yards?  Bought through my dad's work catalog for $10 or some silly-cheap price like that!

8. Once the foam tape is secure, remove the protective lining on the left and right sides and bottom, keeping the top lining in place.

9. Place the window frame piece on top of the back piece you made earlier, centering the window area over the wording. Press down firmly to secure it.

10. At this stage, the top side of the frame should be open and not adhered to the backing. This will allow you to insert the sand and shells into the window box. Use a spoon to pour in the sand (a little less than a teaspoon per card), then drop the shell in.

11. Remove the lining on the top piece of foam tape and press the frame firmly into place. You now have a custom save-the-date to dazzle your guests!

And these work with any theme!

This is how ours turned out:

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:23 pm
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