Budget Savvy Bride: Yelena's Savvy Future Wedding


1.) Number one saving tip is to have a wedding planner!  The way I'll be saving a bunch of money is I'm having my friend be my wedding planner, I'll pay her what she is charging which is not as much as a professional wedding planner would charge.  My friend just got married 2 years ago and she had a huge wedding.  She has a lot of experience.  So I have the fun planning and she finds out how to save, talks prices and to vendors for me!  

2.) Wedding Dress are one of the most expensive pieces for a wedding.  I'm a pretty wild girl and plus a photographer; so the most important thing for me are the photos and I want to be able to use my wedding dress to the fullest.  I want to have a simple dress lacy dress with my own creative decorations.  I've always wanted those beautiful flowers on my dress (see image below) and it takes 5 min to sew them on the dress.  They cost about $3 in any craft store, or you can even make them yourself.  My dress is a $399 lace dress from David's Bridal but it will look like a thousand bucks! Adding your own touch also seems more sentimental to me. Plus I wont feel as bad posing, jumping, climbing and running in my dress.  My sister had a $3000 French lace dress and all their pictures look stiff because she was afraid to tear the lace!!!  CRAZY! Not worth it! Some alterations are not needed, dresses look great when they drag (like in the picture below).



3.) You can save a lot on flowers if you buy those that are in season! This is very true, from experience with my sister's wedding.  The flowers she wanted to get were out of season so we started looking around and she got flowers that were beautiful but at least one third of the price of the flowers out of season. 

4.) Buying center pieces at flee markets, on ebay, thrift stores, etc, saves a bundle!  And start looking for deals every time you are out shopping.  Amazingly my sister buy crystal vases for her main table for only $2 to $5 a vase.  Great deal, than she sold that those vases to a wedding decorator for about the same price.  You could also sell those on ebay and maybe even make some money off of them after your beautiful wedding.

5.)  Food, food, food! The most expensive part of the wedding.  My fiancee and ! have a friend who owns a small restaurant, his wedding gift to us is that he will be catering, we will pitch in to pay for half of the food! Saves a bunch!  If you have friends with hook ups... use them.  lol.  Trust me, they feel special being a part of it.  Since we are on this topic, we have another very good family friend who owns 3 antique cars that we will be using for our wedding! They are beautiful and something i've always dreamed of but always thought was going to be too expensive and when he offered that to us, I grabbed it!!  


I can't wait for my beautiful wedding! and i can't wait to post everything on this site! I love it!!!  For now I will be enjoying planning that wonderful day!!  Hope this will be useful. 


Yelena Matev 

Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:42 pm
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