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DIY Wedding Decor


Go Magical! Create a beautiful and elegant touch to your wedding reception with peacock butterflies! This design is simple, only takes minutes to assemble and hang!

Design, Description, and Photos by Cassaundra

For Prep:  

(makes 25 butterflies)

1 Mini Glue Gun (Michael's)

2 Mini Glue Sticks (Michael's)


100 peacock feathers (online websites sell these in bulk, .25 a feather!)

50 oval gems (Michael's)

1 spool of clear fishing line (Target)



  • First, find a safe area to use the hot glue gun. 

  • Plug it in and wait 5-10 minutes. 

  • Trim down the peacock feathers to just below the eyelets.

  • Oragnize feathers by size, into piles of four, along with two gems per pile.

  • Cut the fishing line to length, according to your needs.  (average is 48in)

  • Take one gem, squeeze hot glue onto the back of the gem and immediatley press in one "wing" at a time.

  • Once all the four wings are on, while the glue is still hot press on second gem to opposite side.

  • Then, quickly take the fishing line and slide between gems (just enough to hold the string)

  • Set aside on flat surface.

  • Allow Butterfly to cool for at least two minutes before moving.

  • And Voila!

More professional photos to come, after our wedding!

For Protection until the Event, carefully seran-wrap the butterflies in quantities of five.  Place in safe area, so the wings don't get damaged!

Extra Touch: You can actually "curl" the wings on the butterfly, like you can with ribbon, by using sissors and running them over the wings!

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:40 am
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