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Budget Savvy Bride: Jenna's Story


Jenna's Story


Palmdale Estates

My mom and I have worked with the director of wedding services for many years. So, we were able to secure a great deal on the wedding ceremony and reception. ALSO: to keep the costs down, we opted for a COCKTAIL RECEPTION as opposed to a sit down dinner.  This way our guests can mingle, nosh on appetizers and enjoy the summer day without a too-heavy meal.


A STEAL for $49.99 from David's Bridal!


My friend is an amazing photographer.  She did me the honor of giving me an "I've known you forever" rate. 


Dresses from The Rose Dress.

$67 per dress!


2-layer tiered cake. Buttercream Frosting, Strawberry filling on bottom and Bavarian Cream filling on top.  $200.00. Serves 50. Will be added to dessert table.  From Sugar Bowl Bakery! $4 per slice!!!!!!!


Ipod hooked up to venue's sound system.


Wildflower seeds. Cheap and eco-friendly.  

These are just some of the highlights of our budget savvy wedding! We worked with what we had and were honest with our vendors. This way we were able to have a great line-up with little expense.  All costs: approximately 5K!!!  And this from a woman who watches Platinum Weddings!!! Good luck!!!




Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:55 am
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