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SHOW ME: Engagement Rings


We haven't had a post of this for awhile, so if you're new to PW or just want to share your ring again, post away!

as you all know, i'm still patiently waiting for that give me some inspiration!



jonnie yours is amazing, i love the diamonds on the sides :)


I always want to show my ring lol!


thank you ginabee. i love it :D

missie yours is gorgeous too!


I don't have a picture of my actual ring.


I love showing off pictures of my ring it's not the best quality because I took it on my phone but the camera isn't working right now so it's the best I got.







ditto! i love yours mademoiselle



i love your ring!


I'm another PW'er waiting on her ring. FI said "The wheels are turning"  But i'm getting impatient!! hahah So for now I get to oogle over your rings! They're all so beautiful!!


getting red. thank you girls. it is the most beautiful ring I ever had.

I just threw antique rings into goggle and found fay cullen. first i was afraid,but when the ring came it was even more beautiful in person. it has personality if one can say so. in the eve it's as if it looks at me to say. well let me sit in my box while you do the homework.... I am too noble for that. laugh. I am talking with my e-ring. I even called it a name. Albert.

don't laugh. :o) I am a little nuts.

I just love this ring. it is made in the 40s-50s with a touch of overworked art deco style but not as flat as the rings were at that time and it is an old sapphire, the colours had more power and vivid light in older times. this is a ceylon sapphire and it changes colour between pervincleblue and lilac.

I dont want to sound vain, I just really love it

:-) thanks girls


i was looking at fay cullen rings too, amazing stuff


Mine is a simple round solitaire diamond in yellow gold. :)  My camera doesn't have a macro option so the pics are blurry:

I LOVE my ring- really blingy jewelry is not my style at all.  If I had it to do again I might ask for a round emerald solitaire instead of a diamond though. :)


yeah and i made friends with veronique their sales manager. she is a wonderful person




My lovely on my little monsters nose :)



tovaqt, that is a great picture!!


tovaqt inspired me to take some pics with my pup and my ring as well =)



Here is my lovely Tacori.


  my love <<<333 custom design colorless leo ;)


beautiful rings ladies :)


I love showing off my ring :)


pretty pretty!!! i love seeing everyone's rings!




I apologize in advance for posting this AGAIN.


Mademoiselle, your ring is beautiful!


Here's mine:

It's from Kay.


pretty pretty!



It's a little dirty.... just took these at work.  Sofa King bored.


here's my E-ring and wedding band



Heres mine!!



gorgeous rings ladies!!!


I love my ring!!!



K2's is one of my faves ever!  i love that it's an heirloon and it's hand cut





stock pic from icing on the ring


i'm looking for the stupid cord to upload from my camera...





you can kinda see it here...



dirty.. you can kinda see it there? hahaha. there is no way i could miss that rock lady!


heres my love!


more more more!

Love the bling!


I get to wear my matching band in less than a month....yipppeee!



love your rings mica and clightner!


Here is mine Yeah, I know, really bad pic



i wish i had a closer picture of my ring to post but that picture is my favorite


beautiful rings everyone!


Just got engaged to my FI last week!  Love seeing everyone's rings.


Here's mine:


Sorry I don't have a better pic.  How does everyone get cush a clear pic?!..mine comes out blurry with my digital camera!


Here's mine!!


Here is my ring! i feel so lucky to have such a beauty on my hand!


I can finally join in!!!!  I just got engaged Saturday night!




mine is in my profile pic!


gorgeous rings ladies!

Congrats butterfly!!!

Here's mine


Congrats to the ladies who just got engaged!

Everyone has such beautiful rings!





such amazing rings!

all my pics come out super's a pic of one pretty much identical to mine (pic from

 It's a 1.2 princess cut on as thin of a white gold band that the jeweller would make!!! My band is still a bit thinner than the one in the pic.





Here's mine :)




Pretty rings ladies!


Here's my oval Tacori




So many pretty rings!  I can't wait to get mine!!!


Wow gorgeous rings ladies.

Here is mine, pictures never do it justice! 

Never dreamed I'd have something this nice and perfectly me!




haha, i love PW, the only place you dont have to feel bad for showing off your ring.  mines a 1.2ct cushion cut diamond, tiffany legacy setting (a replica i guess you would say, FI designed it never even seeing the tiffany setting, he did good : )


bradyandstacy- I LOVE your ring!!!

Heres mine...


OOhhh Pretty! Love the way your princess cut is set!  Criss Cross Bands Rule!  LOL but we are biased aren't we!? lol


I guess we are, but I saw yours and totally loved it as I am sure you did!


My beautiful Martin Flyer...


I love her!



Here is my baby...

mademoiselle...ures is beautiful!!!!


thanks! so happy with it


kelmac/emerald lover so pretty. there are so many I liked watching. but every time I get to the edn of such a post I cant remember all the ladies names whose rings I love. So please accept a general compliment for all those lovely special rings.

shesh, yours is so particular. what is the center stone???


WOW ladies! Just incredible!!! I can't get over how BIG they all are!

Here's my gorgeous little girl :)


Engagment-ring threads are ones I never tire of. I love seeing all the different rings, there's always someone new to check out!



2 carats of flawless sparkle. :) Center stone is a 1.05ct IF (internally flawless) ideal cut, H color. DH designed it based on a Simon G style with the jewellers at Hardy Brothers. I'm still in love! I've never seen a ring sparkle like that before.


wooooo lovely princess



Bad photos, but here's mine.



E-ring on top, wedding band underneath :)

I love my ring because it's still a diamond, but it's been tinted blue (my fave colour) so it's really original and stands out, I think. FI had a little help from me but mostly picked it on his own.


Absolutely beautiful rings ladies!


My e-ring on the bottom, my w-ring on top left, and his on top right!!!

I'm in love with our rings!!!!



 are my ring twin!!  I love our ring!!!


Love these threads <3



I know people will be tired of seeing mine, but here it blue beauty..





jville what stone is that? topaz? blue diamond?


Emerald, your ring is one of my faves!


Mademmoiselle, it's a blue topaz, my Fi birthstone.  7.20 carats centerstone.


@jVille hhhhuuuuuuge love it


hi ladies... love the rings!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!! we are so luckly to have the honor to wear these lovely gems.... here's my 2nd LOVE!!! i need to download my other pics for better quality, but you get the idea!!


 Hi Ladies! This is my first post. I am getting married April 2010 in northern Sonoma. I adore my ring and love sharing pics of it. These are not toally in focus as they are off of my cell phone. Love all of your rings!  My fiance designed it after the Tiffany's Legacy ring that I was in love with for years and now get to wear. :)

I love my antique Sapphire and Diamond ring, it is very me.  The gems date back to the late 1800s with it being repurposed in the early 1900s.


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