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The little details have been my favorite part. I LOVE being creative and looking through magazines and blogs and websites. I get inspired and then figure out how I can make something or do something for cheaper. One of the things I really wanted for all my bridesmaids and myself were those cute t-shirts that say "bridesmaid" or "Mrs. Reid" on them. I think they're adorable. And I love all of the pictures with the girls wearing them. But I knew it wasn't really in the budget and there were other things I should be spending the money on. Soooo...I couldn't get them out of my mind...and decided to make my own. I bought white t-shirts at Michael's and tons of different fabric in my tiffany blue color. I have 9 bridesmaids so I cut out the word "bridesmaid" 9 times out of different patterned fabrics and then I bought this adhesive iron-on stuff from Walmart and put all the letters onto the shirts. They turned out adorable. I put the words on the bottom of the back of the shirt and then on the front I did a fabric heart with a different fabric for each shirt, and then pinned a big fabric bow onto each heart. They are adorable. My plan is to have us all wear them the morning of the wedding as we're getting ready. I made one for the flowergirl too. In addition to the shirts, I have made our programs and menus. For the programs, I wanted them to be in a little fabric pouch, so with the same fabric from the shirts, I cut out little squares and made them into pockets and then program will be in the pocket. I found inspiration for this in another magazine. It's so much fun to be creative and do unique things. I think it makes the wedding day special and personalized. And it makes the engagement a heck of a lot more fun for me (and my mom!) We have had a blast planning everything. It's been my dream to be engaged and plan a wedding and get married. And now I'm living it. And cutting costs has been one of the most fun things for me because it allows me to be creative in every area. :) I hope everyone is enjoying their engagement as much as I have been. Thank you for hosting this very fun giveaway. I think it's important for everyone to share their ideas...that's how I get inspired. So fun! THANK YOU!

Last Updated: May 30, 2009 at 5:33 am
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