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Budget Savvy Bride: Jessica's Strategy


I always dreamed of getting married in a clearing in the middle of a forest. When my fiance and I first started talking about wedding dates, I knew I wanted a fall wedding. Red and orange leaves, crisp air, snow-capped mountains on the horizon. However, the Navy had something to say about that. Turns out he will be doing training cycles starting in September 2010, so we had to move the wedding up to the summer of 2010 instead. I go with the flow, and I can still have my wedding colors!

I plan on having my wedding outdoors, in the scenic mountains of Mammoth Lakes, Ca. Who needs floral decorations when you have nature's bounty all around you? I will only have minimal flowers, probably picked from the roadside for my bouquets. I'm amazed that the average budget for wedding flowers is close to $1000, but I'm glad that I can put that money towards other things (like the honeymoon).

Forest Chapel at Tamarack Lodge


My D.I.Y. centerpieces shall consist of small fish bowls (found at the local $1 store) with a single fish in it, and a couple flowers floating on the water. The fish I found match my wedding colors- yellow and red. They are only $3 each at the local pet store.

Sunset Platy

I have found a great dress maker online based out of Texas:
They have their own dresses, all under $600, and they are tailor made to your exact measurements. They can also custom make a dress for you from photos and details given to them of the dress you'd like or have seen and want them to duplicate.

My father will pick up the food bill, which wil be cheap because we are not having a bar, and we plan on just having appetizers. My mother has offered to pay for the photography, and I have found several photographers in the area for less than $1000.

I found a great idea online that I might use: in the wedding invitations, include a blank line on the response cards that asks for the attendee's favorite song. Then a list can be compiled and all their favorite songs can be played at the wedding. We will be hooking up the Ipod to the vendor's speakers and creating our own playlists.

My sister works as a pastry chef at a small bakery, and she has offered to make my wedding cupcakes! Can't get much better than free! My hair and makeup will also be free as I will be doing it myself.

My sister hard at work.  :)

I also plan on making my wedding invitations myself. I will purchase recycled card stock, attach yellow daisy ribbon, and print them from my computer. The card stock is cheap enough that I can afford to mess up a couple times when figuring out the specifications and not have to worry. Afterall, your own wedding should be completely stress-free!

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:36 am
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