We all love them , our sparkling engagement rings. But for guaranteeing that they remain as beautiful as the day You received them ,there are some giudelines to follow. Gemstones are cathegorized in the scale of MOH ,due to their hardness. Diamonds are the hardest precious gemstones. Many ladies never take their rings off, for the fear of losing them or for the sake of romance, yet even diamonds can eventually chip when worn during rough work or household tasks. The same is true for all the lovely precious and semi-precious colored gemstones that have made their way into the hearts of women and onto the engagement ring market. All of them are softer than diamonds and should not be worn executing the above described tasks.

For all gemstones contact with abrasive or harsh chemicals, salt water and chlorine can be lethal. Try to avoid contact by any means; they might discolor or change the surface of Your beloved gem.

Try to keep Your gem clean form chemical perfumes, perspiration, cosmentics and hairspray. Clean it with a soft damp cloth before storing. Make sure to clean it from time to time with lukewarm NOT HOT!!!! water and a soft brush. Use a soft, preferably non chemical soap for this purpose. Hot water, sudden temperature changes or even worse boiling may cause a cracking of some gemstones, others may be washed out. Emeralds are delicate and often treated with colored oils to enhance color and transparent waxes to enhance clearness. Heat treatment is often used, for example on sapphires, in order to enhance color and clearness, making the gem more delicate and porose.

Avoid special jewelry cleansers. All Gemmologists I know tell me these may even be made for the purpose but they are too aggressive and can affect the color of the mounting and cause of treated gems to wash out gradually. You can use a soft cloth dabbed with pure alcohol to clean Your gems or the above mentioned lukewarm water.Do not store gems together in the same box, avoiding them to touch. A diamond for example may scratch an emerald or sapphire which is softer.

With pearls , Opals, Corals or Tourquoises You have to be even more careful. Scented body creams or the contact with perfume can make them dull, and they will not recover their Lustre. Store them where they can breath and dont dry out. Do not keep them in plastic bags or boxes.

Hope this helps You enjoy Your jewelry for many years to come

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:20 am
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