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Dear Ladies, each country has its own wedding traditions. 

Some are carried on as they were others transform.

In Germany for example a girl collects pennies from little on in a big bowl. Once she gets married, she will pay her shoes with these pennies.... imagine the size of the bowl for a pair of louboutins or jimmy choos :-)

The I DO signa on the brides shoes also have a charming origin which I personally prefer to what came out of it.

On the shoes the was no : I do or mrs sth one day. Guests wrote their good wishes for the bride on the shoe soles.

People believed that during the day of and the night dancing, those wishes  were granted or not. 

So each wish that could not be read any more after the wedding because the bride "danced it off", was believed to be granted :-)))

This may become a useful and charming article if many of You wonderful ladies add their own knowledge about old wedding traditions. So please don´t hesitate.

In Germany , instead of a bachelorette party, the couple organizes a party some days before the wedding.It is called evening of rumor. People bring old porcellaine, no glass because it is said to bring bad luck. 

In a court of the venue, they throw the porcellaine with lots of rumor to smash it. The loud sound is said to push away all evil spirits from couple.

the bad thing... the couple has to make order afterwards, the common work shall show how good the two are at team work.

Another tradition is that the couple has to cut a tree trunk. A piece is enough. For the same reason as before- good team work.


I am curious about the traditions You ladies will tell



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