A Wink and a Smile


A Wink and a Smile

Artist: Harry Connick Jr.

Album: Sleepless In Seattle: Soundtrack


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I remember the days
Of just keeping time
Of hanging around
In sleepy towns forever.
Back roads empty for miles.

Well, you can't have a dream
And cut it to fit
But when I saw you, I knew
We'd go together
Like a wink and a smile.

Leave your old Jalopy
By the railroad track
We'll get a hip double dip
Tip-toppy two-seat Pontiac

So you can rev her up
Don't go slow
It's only green lights and alrights

Let's go together
With a wink and a smile
Give me a wink and a smile
We go together like a wink and a smile

Now my heart is music
Such a simple song
Sing it again, the notes never end
This is where I belong

Just the sound in your voice
The light in your eyes
We're so far away from yesterday
Together with a wink and a smile
We go together like a wink and a smile



Last Updated: January 26, 2009 at 10:48 am
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