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Cater 2 You


Cater 2 You

Artist: Destiny's Child

Album: #1's


Not Provided


Baby I see you working hard I wanna let you know I'm proud to let you know that I admire what you do.
The more if I need to reassure you my life will be purposeless without you(yeah)
If I want it (got it)
When I ask you (you provide it)
You inspired me to be better, Challenge me for the better so back and let me pour out my love letter.
Let me help you take off your shoes, untie your shoe strings take off your cuff links.
What you wanna eat boo let me feed you, let me run your bath water whatever your desire I'll aspire you.
Sing you a song turn the game on I'll brush your hair Help you put your do rag on.
Want a foot rub(yeah) you want a manicure
Baby I'm yours I wanna cater to my boy!

Let me cater to you cause baby this is your day do anything for my man baby you blow me away.
I got your slippers, your dinner your desert and so much more.
Anything you want let me cater to you inspired me from the heart can't nothing tear us apart you all I want in a man I put my life in your hands got your slippers your dinner your desert and so much more.
Anything you want I wanna cater to you.

Baby I'm happy at home let me hold you in my arms I just wanna take the stress away from you making sure that I'm doing my part(oh)
boy is there something in it to do(oh)
If you want it(I got it)
Say the word (I'll try it)
And whatever I'm not fulfilling(oh)
No other women is willing(oh)
I'm going to fulfill you mind body and spirit
I promise you(promise you)
I keep my self up(oh)
Remain the same chick(Yeah)
you fell in love with(Yeah)
I keep it tight and I keep my figure right
I keep my hair fixed be rocking the hottest outfits
When you come home late tap me on my shoulder I'll roll over
Baby I heard you I'm here to serve you(I'm loving it, I'm loving it)
This love you need to give it is my joy
All I wanna do is cater to my Boy!


I wanna give you my breath my strength my will to be there thats the least I can do let me cater to you.
Through the good (good)
The bad(through the bad)
The ups(ups)
And the downs(and downs)
I'll still be here for you let me cater to you cause your beautiful
I love the way you are (you are)
fulfill your every desire (desire)
Your Wish is my command(command)
I wanna cater to my man
your heart so pure your love shines through(shines through)
The darkness we'll get through(now so much)
So much of me and you.
I wanna cater to my man




Last Updated: January 26, 2009 at 10:30 am
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