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Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing


Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing

Artist: Morman Tabernacle Choir

Album: Mormon Tabernacle Choir: The Sound of Glory-Battle Hymn of the Republic


Not Provided


??????Come, thou fount of every blessing,
??????Tune my heart to sing thy grace;
??????Streams of mercy, never ceasing,
??????Call for songs of loudest praise.
??????Teach me some melodious sonnet,
??????Sung by flaming tongues above.
??????Praise the mount! Im fixed upon it,
??????Mount of thy redeeming love.

??????Here I raise my Ebenezer; ( def. )
??????Here by thy great help Ive come;
??????And I hope, by thy good pleasure,
??????Safely to arrive at home.
??????Jesus sought me when a stranger,
??????Wandering from the fold of God;
??????He, to rescue me from danger,
??????Interposed His precious blood.

??????O to grace how great a debtor
??????Daily Im constrained to be!
??????Let thy goodness, like a fetter,
??????Bind my wandering heart to thee.
??????Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,
??????Prone to leave the God I love;
??????Heres my heart, O take and seal it,
??????Seal it for thy courts above.



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