I Do (the Wedding Song)


I Do (the Wedding Song)

Artist: Just Patrick

Album: Just Patrick


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I Look Into Your Eyes As You Walk Down The Aisle
My Heart Skips A Beat
I Never Though This Day Would Ever Come For ME
But You Came Along
You Complete Me, Fulfill me, Satisfy All My Needs
You Show me A greater Love
And I'm Ready To Commit To You

So In Front Of My Friends
And All My Family
I Do I Do I Do
I Love You
From This Day On And For the Rest Of My Life
I Will I Will I Will
I'll Be Right By Your Side

Verse II:
I Never knew That love could be so good
Til You showed Me
A Better Part of me Baby
And I'm Forever Indebted to Your Gracious Giving Love
I'll Never Let You Go, I'll Hold On Through The Bad Times
I Know This Is Love
I love I Need You, I really Do
Only Want you
Nobody else Compares To You
And I'm Gonna Make This Commitment to you Baby


Yes I Do, Yes I Will, I Do Love You
Yes I Do, Yes I Will, I Do Love You
From This Day On And For The Rest Of My Life
I Do I Do I Do
I Love You, You , You Love you



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