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I Was Made to Love You


I Was Made to Love You

Artist: Gerald Levert

Album: Gerald's World


Not Provided


I recall when we first met along time ago
how could I forget they way I felt
when I first laid eyes on you
I remember saying to my friends
There in my future wife and then
I took the step to need
someone who would change my life

It had to be my destiny (ooohh my)
Cause I was made to love you
My hands to touch you
My arms to hold you
My legs to stand
My time to spend with you forever
I was made...made to love you
My lips to kiss you
My eyes to see you
My legs to stand
My time to spend with you forever
My life together I was made
Made to love you (Made to love)

{{Verse 2
I remember out first date
Our first arguement
Our very first breakup and makeup that got us to this moment
And every girlfriend and every one night stand
Every heartbreak and every heartache led me to you
it brought me to and made me betta
betta sooner for you
It had to be my destiny

{{{{Repeat Chorus Until Song Ends



Last Updated: January 26, 2009 at 10:48 am
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