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I Was Meant to Be with You


I Was Meant to Be with You

Artist: Diamond Rio

Album: Close To The Edge


Not Provided


It started out when adam
First laid his eyes on eve
Something passed between them
That came down through history
Carried by an angel
Whispered on the breeze
It waited till the time was right
Then it found you and me

It must be written on a block of stone
Buried by sand in an ancient land
Carved upon the side of the oldest tree
It must be more than just a dream come true
Yes I believe the good lord always knew
I was meant to be with you

Standing here beside you
In my heart I know
This love that we were meant to share
Began so long ago
As sure as rain was made to fall
And mountains made to stand
I was born to be with you
There was nothing left to chance


From the beginning to the end of time
I was to be yours, you were to be mine



Last Updated: April 14, 2009 at 7:34 am
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