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In my Song


In my Song

Artist: Gerald Levert

Album: Wanna Get Up With You (Album Version)


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Hello, This is Eddie Levert,
I want to thank you all for loving and supporting my son
throughout his career.
He had just finished this album when
we went to South Africa.
And he was extremely proud and
anxious for everyone to hear his newest collection.
It is with his wish and mine that I proudly
present the one you all nicknamed
The Teddy Bear, my son, Gerald Levert and
his new album In My Songs.

I dont mind making you happy
I dont mind making your day
Feels so good to give
But I never, never seem to get my way
Im tired of waking up with nobody laying next to me
(next to me)
Im tired of being alone and everybody else is lovey dovey
(lovey dovey)
Im so tired of all yall being happy but me
If I could only find a lover to sing about
oh ,oh when I sing my songs oh, oh when I sing my songs

Oh, oh yeah See I know what I want
Something real, something I can feel
And I know it dont come easy
I wanna be with somebody who can share my ups and downs
(ups and downs)
And when theyre feeling bad I can be the one to make a smile
(make a smile)
Make her realize that Im the special guy I sing about

(If I could only find her) If I could only find her, a love,
Im searching, Im searching here and there and everywhere
(if I could only find her) find,
if I could find a love to sing about when I

See every night on my knees
I pray send her to me
(please send her to me, send her to me)
See I aint been perfect
In fact I been dead wrong
But its time for me to live off the love that I sing about
In my songs
See listen, I wanna walk down the aisle to my song
I want the first dance to be my song
And I wanna I... wanna, wanna make love to my song,
to my song, yeah
Wanna have babies to my song
I wanna cry, cry, cry, cry when Im singing my song
I wanna say damn it too good, its too good to be my song
I wanna break-up to make-up (break-up to make-up)
to my song
Oh I wanna spend quality time,
quality time like my song
Years to years to my song (just like my song)
Waiting for the time when we can say hmm
this is a song yeah
Sing it together, sing it together, If I could only find a
(if I could only find a) lover (lover to sing about) sing about,
(if I could only find a) I been looking and looking,
(lover) searching here and there, see this is what I been doing,
one week its good, two weeks is great, three weeks is turbulent,
four weeks we just crash and burn, then its all over.
So I gotta find, find a lover to sing about



Last Updated: January 26, 2009 at 10:49 am
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