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Nights Like This


Nights Like This

Artist: After 7

Album: Studio album by Stacey Q


Not Provided


Shu bee doop do do doo oooo....
Shu bee doop do do doo
Shu bee doop do do doo oooo....
Shu bee doop do do doo

Verse 1

I could feel that it was over
Your love for me
Why couldn't you tell me you had
Another on your mind?
Its no way to treat me when you know
How I feel inside

I could not hide the way I felt last nite.
Tears I cried
My love for you I can't deny no no no no


Nights like this I wish
Rain drops would fall (yes I do hey baby ooo)
Nights like this I wish that
Rain drops would fall

Verse 2

Girl now I know what been goin on
You got another lover and you got it goin strong
Been walkin round town w/ a smile on my face
Tryin to fight the hurt tryin to hide the shame baby

I can not cry no more,
Now I realize
I was too blind baby
Bein a fool in love you
Know it ain't right girl
If you really wanna be
In happy baby


(ad lib 1)

Yeah yeah oh how I wish rain drops would fall on my face babe)
Hey ohhhh ohhhh
Rain rain baby rain drops on my face baby

Ooooo ooooo day I cried


I could feel when every thing was not to real
Inside I cried to win your love you know I tried

(Ad lib 2)

Come one go on keep rain drops fallin on my face baby
Eh come on come on yeah
Hey let them fall baby

Fade out



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