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1 Our First Dance


1 Our First Dance

Artist: Jimmy Charles

Album: Jimmy Charels



Viewing lyrics for "Our First Dance" by Jimmy Charles.

Our First Dance

The Roads in our lives, Full of so many turns
There’s long ways, there’s wrong ways
Can feel like they’re all dead ends
And the signs along the way, Lord they’re so hard to read
But yours was the clearest to see
And I knew you’d be mine at that first glance
This is our First Dance

Our First time as one together; our first time forever
The beginning of our life the first time as Husband and Wife
This is our First Dance

Today down that isle; I saw an Angel,
Sent to me just for me
Hard to believe you’re even real
Looking in your eyes; there’s my Best Friend
As the whole world melts away
Baby this is our Day
This is our First Dance

Our Fist time as one together
Our First time forever
The beginning of our life
The fist time as Husband and wife
This is our first Dance

Holding you know it’s like were floating on a cloud
And know when you said I Do
You just made all my dreams come True

This is our First; Far from our Last
This is our First Dance
And we’ll always remember
Our First Dance

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