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The Best Man


The Best Man

Artist: 33 miles

Album: 33 Miles Limited Edition Bonus CD


Not Provided


I have always dreamed
To be that superhero
To fly right in and somehow save the day

And I have always wanted
To be more than I could be
But see the fall and somehow lose my way

But the day your love stepped in
Was the day my life began

Cause you make me shine
You make me soar
You make me everything I never was
But so much more

You give me strength
You let me stand
And I don?t have to move a mountain but I know I can
Cause you make me the best man

Even through my weakness
You know who I am
And you give me amazing grace
That I don?t understand
And there are no words that could ever describe
The glory of, the beauty of you in my life

Because you gave your love to me
I?m the best that I can be

I will never be the same
Cause you have changed everything
From the man I was
To the man that?s standing by your side



Last Updated: January 26, 2009 at 10:49 am
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