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The First Time


The First Time

Artist: Surface

Album: The First Time: The Best of Surface


Not Provided


You know I won't forget
the time we shared together holding hands
And walking in the park
Sometimes we'll have to do it all again
we were so happy then
I have no regret
Can you tell from the look on my face that
I love you more today
The first time I look into
your eyes I cried
Do you remember the first time
We fell in love
You look into my eyes wiped the tears away
The first time
When we fell in love
Althought sometime has passed
I still remember just
like it was yesterday
The time is moving fast
The love I have for you
Time won't ever change I'll
always feel the same
Now until the end
Memories we've shared will live forever
Deep inside my heart I know
I'll never fall again



Last Updated: January 26, 2009 at 10:43 am
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