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Today (Mother/Son Wedding Song)


Today (Mother/Son Wedding Song)

Artist: Deborah Kazsimer

Album: Today (Mother/Son Wedding Song)


This is the song I wrote and recorded for my son so that we could have a sentimental song to dance to on his wedding day.  It is an expression of the love and pride I have for him.  Any mother who loves her son can appreciate this song.


Today (Mother/Son Wedding Song)

Words and music by Deborah Kazsimer
©2011 by Deborah Kazsimer

Today, I look at all the years.
Today, I fight back all the tears.
Just yesterday… you were my little boy…
And every day… you are my pride and joy.

I watched you grow into a fine young man…
With a beautiful wife whom you have given your hand.
I want you to know how much I love you so….
My son… my only one…

The best gift that I ever had from above…
Is the day you were born, my heart filled with love.
You were the little child I carried…
And in the wink of an eye, my son, you’re married…..

(instrumental solo)

Today begins your brand new life.
I wish you the best…. for you and your beautiful wife.
Just know that my love… it has no end….
For you…. My son…. My friend…



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