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Watching You Go


Watching You Go

Artist: Motherlode Trio

Album: MotherLode


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I met you on a friday in the spring of 95
Its true what they say about all this
Indeed you changed my life
How could so much sacrifice bring one so much joy
But from that first hello Ive been practicing my goodbyes

I watch you crawl I watch you sleep
I watch you fall I watch you need me
Its so bittersweet watching you go

As we mark each milestone I have to wipe my eyes
Keep a steady tone
The hardest job Ill ever do is taking care of you
As you trade your innocence for all that hope of independence
Keep your eyes on that prize my spirit is by your side

I watch you crawl I watch you sleep
I watch you fall I watch you need me
I want the world for you this I know
You take my hand you learn to speak
I watch you smile I watch you leave me
It's so bittersweet watching you go

As you move on your destination
My heart may mourn the separation
But take a part of me in your soul
Know Ill be watching and I loving you so

On that day I met you I knew you were born to fly
But Ill hold tight til you take flight
Ill keep leading you home
So forgive me if I stare to long
Fuss about you , try to right your wrongs
If I have some trouble letting go
Its only that I love you


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Last Updated: January 26, 2009 at 10:33 am
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