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When a Woman Loves a Man


When a Woman Loves a Man

Artist: Lee Roy Parnell

Album: We All Get Lucky Sometimes


Not Provided


She plays her cards close to the vest
To hide the heart she wears on her sleeve
Sometimes she's caught between the woman that she is
And the one she's expected to be
But with an innocent smile
And the sole of a child
She's always giving more than she can

When a woman loves a man
When a woman loves a man

She knows how to hang on your every word
And she knows how to look the other way
She'll whisper to you what no man has a-heard
Secrets she would never give away
With her arms open wide
She'll take you inside
And hold you in the palm of her hand

When a woman loves a man
When a woman loves a man
She will be there to the end
When a woman loves a man

And when all you've got to give her
Is nothing more than a dream
She'll sacrifice for love to prove to you

Her mind's made up
Stand by you through everything



Last Updated: April 14, 2009 at 1:25 pm
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