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You Must Believe Me (Featuring: Impressions)


You Must Believe Me (Featuring: Impressions)

Artist: Curtis Mayfield

Album: Not Provided


Not Provided



2, 3 and you must belie-ie-ieve me
No matter what the people might say
You must belie-ie-ieve me
Darlin', it just didn't happen that way
No, no, it just didn't happen that way

Verse One

You've come home with somethin' on your mind
Darlin', tell me, why are you cryin'
You say be serious, no time for fun
While tryin' to tell me somethin' that I've done
The things you heard couldn't be denied
But before your opinion, listen to my side

Repeat chorus

(Repeat intro)

(whoa, it's all right)
(whoa, it's all right)

Verse Two

Girl, you're wrong to believe what was said
For you see nothing could ever be that bad
Though the talk is now all over town
Darling, you know I'd never put you down
True, her and me we're at the party as guests
There's nothing else to say about whom I love best

Repeat chorus

(Repeat intro to fade)

(Whoa, it's all right)
(whoa, it's all right


Not Provided
Last Updated: April 14, 2009 at 7:33 am
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