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how cute is this for a fireman??

This seriously does not look like a cake!


Aw, I want a humvee cake!



I LOOOOOVE this one. I think I might have to get it for FI.




Check out the Xbox


marrying a Parisian?

a texan?

a gator?

a cubbie?

a new yorker?


smoores- I love the idea of groom cupcakes- like this one

so cute!


Those are awesome! 






This is what I'm trying to do for FI...  His nickname is Potato b/c he has a Potato tattooed on his left arm... so I want to get Mr. & Mrs. Potatohead!


opps that one was too big...  here we go:


anyone getting married to a drummer???


so cute! FI doesnt like cake (Whaaaaaaa????!!! ) :) so he always gets a cookie cake for bdays, etc. I would like to do a really cool cookie cake for his grooms "cake"

Any photo inspirations for me? PS-- it will be decorated FSU, his alma mater



hahaha, my ex from college would love this cake... Beer Pong!


this is FSU (I think)


these are the right colors... i would love to do a 3 tier cookie cake!!! hmmm how can that work?? :)


how come the boys get the awesome cakes? I want this one!!! :P




mrswagner.. omg he would LOVE hte beer pong set up!!!!! :)


I'm thinking about doing one of FI's first car (his first True Love)  :)

cake alternatives....cookies!


i think i want to see if they can do 3 different size cookies and use these cake columns to support each cookie layer:

so it would look like this cake, but each level would be a large cookie instead:????





great find!


It just doesn't get any better than the Steel Magnolia's armadillo cake


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