Budget Savvy Bride by Genae Dixon Grand Total of wedding $5,157.98


The Dress


It all started with my dress, I found my dress "the one"! My grandmother and I went to the botique and try the dress on when I saw the price tag my jaw dropped $4000.00, goodness that was almost the price of my wedding budget. So I went to plan B, I heart EBAY so my search began. It didnt take me long until I came upon this beauty, she was the one!!!




I paid $130.00 including taxes. This is when my vision came into play, I love the detailing around the waste. I felt the dress was a classic, it would never be dated. Then it hit me 40s vintage chic, thats it!


The 2nd Dress


It was Friends and family day at Macy's when I came up upon this gorgeous dress, only one in my size. $80.00




The Jewelry


I found my dream jewelry, until I called about the price $500.00 for the set. As a budget bride no way could I pay that amount. I found a vendor on esty that made jewelry, I sent her a picture of what I wanted and she said she could make something like it for me for $50.00 and made the matching bracelet for $35.00








My Jewelry




Hair Piece


I found this hair piece and had to have it but couldn't see myself paying 150.00. Once again I found a vendor on Esty that would make mine for $45.00 in ivory.


Wedding Wedding Wedding


The bouquet & bouts


A fellow PWer posted some bouquets I never seen before made out of clothe, when I saw her inspirations I had to have one. I found a vendor on Esty that made these beautiful bouquets. I would say this was one of my splurges $450.00




The Shoes


I found my binged out wedding shoes, there was only one problem the were $200.00. I searched high and low for a cheaper price no luck, until I looked on eBay! Just my luck their was a sample pair for sale in my size, it was meant to be. $65.00



LiL Mamas Dress & Shoes


Dress EBay $23.00

Shoes EBay $8.00 




The Jr BM dresses


$45.00 each & the shoes from GOJANE.COM $12.99



The cake


When I saw this cake I knew it was the one, binged out! I received a few quotes & did tasting $600.00 was the asking price. Goodness that's a whole lot of money, time for plan B. I went to the local grocery store and gave them a picture of my inspiration. I ordered a cake for 80 people even though we had 100 guest. This cut the price down to $156.00 and we went to Costco and bought a sheet cake for $20.00.

I Do letters including paint & diamonds $15.00

B cake topper ordered on EBay $10.00

Crystals for B cake topper $8.00




Center Pieces/Head Table


For the vases I paid $170.00 for 12 vases =$5.00 per vase

Flower balls I bought from the dollar store, each ball cost about $6.00

Chair Covers (I own) $450.00

Table linen $25.00


Cost for all tables including candles, mirrors, diamonds and etc. $717.00





The favors


Yet another great EBay find!


100 sets for $130.00



The venue


The wedding and reception was held in the same place to save money. Fortunately I have a family member that works for Ga tech so I was able to get the venue for 6 hrs @ half price $500.00




The Music


The same family member is also a DJ on the side which cost us nothing (free)


We hired a band which was one of my splurges $700.00






mashed potatoes
side salad
green beans
100 guest $1400.00

Open Bar

We bought all the liquor $500.00


Grand Total of wedding $5,157.98

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