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I know it has been posted before, but how do you plan or have you displayed your wedding photos in your home w/out looking like a shrine?

I want to incorporate wedding photos w/ others in the house (living room) by doing that collage type setup w/ black frames on a wall...does anyone have any inspiration or tips on how to acheive the look for a decent price?



* We got a e-pic on canvas (14x17") from our photog as a wedding gift... it's black and white.. it's going in the center of our bedroom wall, and we'll frame 4 other wedding pics, in B&W frames to put on either side of it... something like this:

* I have something already like what smooreswifey & GTBG posted... but I plan on just incorporating a few wedding pics in to that colllection.....

* I plan on having my favorites framed and spread out around the house... But, I am going to do one of my favorite "shoe" shots and have it transfered on a big canvas (can be done at www.shutterfly.com) and have that on my living room wall :)

* We have something similar to this in our hallway


I want to do something like this but my FI says that its too much of a shrine. We currently something very similar to this in our living with room but with family pics in B&W. There are various sizes including 2 8.5x11 which sit on little black shelves, then several other random photo sizes hanging on the wall. Is it too much to have them replaced with wedding pics???




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