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DIY Shabby Chic Fabric Ruffle Balls


These are fairly simple and inexpensive to make.  The materials for 2 balls came to $15 from Joann.

Materials needed:

  • 4" Styrofoam ball (not shown)

  • Extra long satin pins - I used probably 40 on each ball

  • 1 yard tulle (far left)

  • 1 yard costume satin (middle)

  • 1 yard sheer fabric.  I used a polyester organza type material. (far right)

  • Scissors


Step 1:

Cut your fabric into squares varying from 1" - 3".  This style of ball looks best with ragged edges on some. 


Step 2:

Layer 2 different types of fabric as shown below. 


Step 3:

Pinch the middle underneath the layered pieces.


Step 4:

Fold one side over so it looks like an inverted triangle. 


Step 5:

Hold the bottom end of the triangle and press at an angle. 


Step 6:

Grab your styrofoam ball and 1 pin and press into the triangle about 1/4 from the bottom.


Step 7:

Repeat and push the 2nd triangle very close to the last one you placed to make the ruffles tight.  You can place futher apart but you'll have more open petals.



Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 10:59 pm
Tags: DIY Wedding
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