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A Budget Wedding Amid Grapevines In Sonoma


A budget winery wedding in the Napa Valley! Yes, it is possible!

My wedding isn't until late October but we are planning a wine country wedding on a *cough* budget.  Impossible right?  For a while we thought so. When we began this process I was floored by the $10,000 avg. price tag on most of the venues in wine country. That's just the facility fee too.  We almost gave up, it felt like the Napa wedding world was a dream that we just couldn't venture into. I was incredible lucky when I ran across our venue, Ramekins is in the town of Sonoma and while it isn't a winery it is a small cooking school which worked for us on so many levels.  Booking Ramekins saved us thousands over the standard Napa Valley wedding.  The best part about having the wedding at a culinary school is the food is so much cheaper (and absolutely delicious btw, one of our highlights is make your own pizza for the outdoor pizza oven)

Venue Cost:$3000, includes all seating, staff, plates and food related service etc.

Food Cost:Approx $50pp

To cut costs in other ways,

I designed the invites in photoshop and we printed them.  If you plan on doing this buy extra paper, it does take time to bleed right on the printouts. In the end, I think they came out just beautifully.  I attached a photo.

Invite Cost: $400


I only have one attendant, my sister. This cuts down on flower costs a lot. Ive let my other good friends know that I love them a bunch but I'm cutting cost.  Truth be told, I think they were ok with not being an attendant.

Center pieces will be fall inspired.  Vases filled with cranberries, nuts, pine cones etc on a tray of fall leaves surrounded be tea lights.

Total Cost for two bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages: $475 from Sonoma Flowers

Centerpiece vases and accessories: Homegoods $250

Since Ramekins doesn't have an attached vineyard for photos we found a park that has a winery in it and allows us in(including my dogs) for free! Bartholomew Park Winery in Somona.

Cost: Free

Photography was something that I was ok with spending money on to get quality.  After all, when the event is all wrapped up I will have three mementos, our memories, our rings and our photos.

Photography: $2500 for 8 hours of photography including assistant photog.

For our rings, I got a gorgeous antique ring from one of Neils family members and we haven't purchase his ring yet.

Cost: Free(so far)

I bought a beautiful dress on ebay, sadly it wasn't the right size, tad to small. Its a Reem Acra, Prosperity size 16/14 street size in case anyone wants to contact me about it $700.  I was able to find an alternate though at a boutique shop here in Michigan called the Wedding Shoppe, it was $900 and its beautiful.

here is the Reem Acra.  Its not me in the picture, but thank you to the bride that supplied this online.


The venue is so beautiful it doesn't need much, we are bringing in pumpkins and bud vases for a little extra something.

Here are some pictures of Ramekins

Total Cost $11,525 (which is $18,000 less than the average Napa Valley Wedding)

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:28 am
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