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DIY Wedding Challenge: Paper Lantern Centerpieces


Here are directions on creating a centerpiece that's simple and informative. It's really ideal for a reception or banquet where an elaborate centerpiece isn't possible. We had a 10-course family-style dinner so there was no room for a fancy centerpiece.


Using two sheets of 8.5" x 11" carstock, score according to the dimensions shown. I use the back end of a butter knife as a scoring tool along with a metal ruler.

Using scissors or an X-acto knife and a straight edge, cut the feet of the lantern.

Glue the two sides together using double-stick tape. (I'm a fan of 3M's ATG 924)

Print your information on 4" x 7" pieces of paper or cardstock and attach them to eace side of the lantern. It can also be layered with a contrasting decorative paper.

These measurements can also be adapted to make a 3-sided triangle centerpiece.

Ideas for information:

table numbers

list of guests seated at that table


info about disposible cameras

info on where to upload digital photos

trivia questions

info about cultural traditions

info about the bride and groom

photo of the bride and groom

Good luck!

For a variation of this, using translucent paper for the menus and a light inside, you can see this link.

Last Updated: January 16, 2014 at 4:47 pm
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