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Hand Crafted Fabric Wedding Invitations


My fiancé and I knew we wanted to hand-make our wedding invitations. I'm a paper buyer for a hotel company and my fiancé is an artist. We scoured the web for ideas and inspiration, and fabric invitations jumped out at us!

We agreed that tea-length was fun and different, that was an easy decision. We already had a sewing machine, so next up was finding the perfect fabric. My fiancé took on this task and chose two fabrics that we bought online, one for the back of the invitation and one for part of the RSVP card. We bought heavy-duty thread to compliment the fabric colors and a good pair of scissors. I calculated the number of total invites, measurements and ordered the paper, including extra for errors. Next, I worked in Adobe Illustrator to script the text. Together, we cut the paper and the fabric to the perfect sizes. My fiancé ironed backing onto the fabric to give it more weight while I ran the scripted paper through our home printer. The invite and RSVP paper was all printed and my fiancé worked the sewing machine like a pro. Only having a basic lesson, he read the instructions, played with the different settings, and we chose a fun zigzag style to secure the fabric to the paper. We found a sleeve envelope that we liked and decided to use as a template and craft our own sleeves to hold the invite and RSVP. I ordered heavy cardstock paper; I unglued it at its seams, traced around it in pencil onto my cardstock and cut each sleeve. From there we used glue sticks to secure the envelopes.

Each invite is slightly different and unique. We had an amazing time working on this project together. Although I started to keep a log of how much time we were spending on the project, I lost track as we broke it up in bits and pieces over a few months. In total, we made 120 complete invites, including 1 invite, 1 RSVP and 1 sleeve envelope. It was a ton of work, but well worth it! By contributing the effort together, we feel our engagement has been that much more exciting. We're so happy that we took on this project and hearing the compliments really raised our excitement! Once they were in the mail, we truly felt like the wedding was right around the corner. We are thrilled with how they turned out and our guests have raved that they've never seen anything like them!

I wish I had professional pictures to submit, please excuse the amateur images. My photographer will be taking pics next weekend at our wedding. Here is the final project:

Front of the invite and front of the RSVP postcard:

Back and front of the invite (side by side):

RSVP postcard front:


Invite and RSVP inside sleeve envelope; invite front exposed in the first image, RSVP backside exposed in the second


Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:49 pm
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