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The Importnace of Wedding Invitations


Tucked among the usual contents of the mail-bills, catalogs, flyers, magazines, perhaps the old postcard or letter-is something special. Judging by the pretty envelope, the shape, or maybe even the handwriting or return address, it is unmistakably an invitation. And though birthdays and dinner parties are fun, it's even more wonderful if the invitation or save the date magnets occasion is something as joyous as a wedding. Now when you are the one getting married, chances are your close friends and family know all about it long before you post the invitations. Good news travels fast! So why is it necessary to carry on the tradition of sending them?

At its most utilitarian, this document presents the facts of time and place so your guests know when and where you want them to go. On another level, it sends the message to your family and friends that they are so dear you wish them to be present at one of the most meaningful events of your life. Besides, who could deny guests the pleasure of receiving a beautiful invitation in the mail? A wedding is a celebration like no other, and the invitation heralds the event and helps build the excitement leading up to it.

By sending invitations you are joining other brides and grooms in tradition throughout the ages. Wedding selection of your invitation is an important step as the invitation sets the stage for the event for your guests and directs the look and feel on many other elements of the day. Know to that not only are you providing guests with the details and giving them a hint of what to expect, you are making a bold and very public first statement about who you are as a couple. What will your wedding invitation say about the two of you?

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Last Updated: October 26, 2009 at 5:48 am
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