Cardbox is D.O.N.E! (instructions and PIC HEAVY)


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Supplies:  ribbon (from Michaels), wrapping paper (from Michaels), pencil, ruler, knife (something to cut the boxes with), set of 5 stacking boxes (i only used 3 of the 5) from, double sided tape, regular scotch tape, brooches (From

Instructions:  First I measured where I needed to cut out the boxes.  A slot in the center box, then a square in the bottom of the center box (for the card to fall through) and a matching square in the top of the bottom box.

Then I used a knife (box cutter type knife) to cut out the slot, bottom of the center box, and top of the bottom box.

Then I started the wrapping.  I wrapped the tops of the boxes and the bottoms of the boxes separately and measured all the paper to fit the boxes just right.  Everything was measured, centered, folded and taped just right so that it would fit perfectly and neatly.  After all pieces were wrapped I hot glued it all together and added the ribbon and brooches.  heres the mostly-finished product:

Then i got cardstock (white and sparkley black), cut out the sizes, printed "Cards" and attached it to the bottom box.  I also made a bow and attached it w/ a brooch to the bottom box where the seam was and made a half-pomander for the top.




That turned out great!  Awesome job!!

Holy cow, that's gorgeous!!!  :D

That looks GREAT!!!

that looks awesome!!  i really like how well the purple goes with the damask.  good job!!


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