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Hey girls, a few of you asked me how I did this, or how much it cost.

Here is the original post:


I ended up buying the wood base, wood stain, paint, and stencils at Michael's. Wood bases:$5.99/each, Stain; $8.99/can, Stencil: $3.99, Paint: $1.50/tube.

I stained the wood bases today (8). I need to let them dry for a day or two before I paint the guys last names on them. We decided to not order the customized bottle opener...they are $15 each. Instead we will be ordering them from an ebay seller. They say "Open Bottle Here" on them for only $4.99 each, still pretty cool looking. We will also be ordering the plastic cap catcher online for only $5.95 each (see below in INSTRUCTIONS for where to buy these). With all of the supplies purchased, and those still needed to be purchased, we have already saved quite a bit. We will end up spending about $150, rather than $256 + which is what we would have spent if we had ordered all 8 through the website that sells them.

Here are pics of the wood bases I stained:

                                      Original Color


                                 Stained (still drying)



I ended up not stenciling the entire last name....the paint kept seeping underneath the stencil when I tested it on paper. So we decided to just do the first initial of their last name (cardboard stencils at Staples for I think $1 or something cheap), and put the damask stamp behind it that I had used for the table numbers (I think it cost about $6 at michael's)




Instructions (see above for cost breakdown)

1. Purchase: wood base, stain, acrylic paint, damask stamp, paint brush or sponge (I sponged on the paint to keep the paint from seeping under the stencil). We got the letter stencil from Staples I while ago. And purchase the bottle opener online here, and capcatcher here. Purchase strong magnets and superglue from hardware store like Lowes. Magnets need to be able to support the weight when being used.

2. Stain the wood base. It only took me one coat to get the desired color (oak-ish). Let dry for 48 hours.

3. Use a standard screw driver to screw the capcatcher and bottle opener in (should come with screws). The wood was soft enough for me to do this rather than using an electric one. Use a ruler to get them as centered as possible. The screws for the capcatcher should be far enough out of the wood to allow the catcher to easily be slid on and off to be emptied.

4. Paint your desired design. I did this after screwing in the bottle opener and catcher screws so that I knew where to position it. I used brown ink for stamp, and black acrylic for letter. Do not apply to thick or it will crack.

5. Once paint is dry, glue two magnets to the on the top and one on the bottom.

PM me if you have further questions.

Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 1:14 am
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