10 year renewel of vows


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is anyone in here renewing their vows?  my husband and I had a really sm. wedding with less than 10 guests when we got married.  So I want to do a huge wedding when we renew our vows! The wedding of my dreams!

I think the Chic bride is having a vow renewal:








I perform vow renewal's often. I love them!

That is great.

We're planning on it for next year!!!  We're planning to have it in Vegas and it'll just be the two of us.  I can't wait!

We are also renewing our vows on our 5th anniversary but we shall have it a few weeks early since we married 2 days afer christmas so we dont wanna cut into any vacay time for anyone.. =) i was married at 19 at a courthouse where the fiance was stationed (airforce wifey here) and we had 2 of his friends and that was it.. no fam, so its time for us to do it big and have our beach wedding on guam, where we both grew up =) im so excited

Yes, I am renewing my vows. We will be married 7 yrs next month.

Hello, I'm also renewing my vows. Married 5 years in Jan.

Welcome PW! Happy planning.

Welcome MrsRobin...Glad to see another vow renewal bride. :0)

I am a newbie to this board.  In honor of our 15th wedding anniversary, my husband and I will be renewing our vows on 11/27/10 (a few weeks short of our actual anniversary date December 4).   We decided to plan our event around the Thanksgiving to make it easy for out OOT guests and family to take off from work and to celebrate the message of the season "thankfulness."  We have so much to be thankful for and I am glad to be part of this vow renewal group.  

that is awesome!  we hope to renew our vows every 5 years in an intimate ceremony :)

my in-laws renewed their vows last year for their 25th anniversary. They had a big bash and renewed their vows in a church. I helped them plan it, it was like a reg. wedding...250 guests and her daughters were the bridesmaids, her son, my fi, was the best man. it was a great time!

Me me me ;)  only it will be 8 years instead of 10.  Our 10 year falls in the middle of the week ;(

We didn't renew our vows, we did celebrate an actual convalidation ceremony within the Catholic church on our 2 year anniversary from the day we were married. So our wedding happened after we were married lol.


Hi Everyone,


So glad i found thid site, me and Dh will be married for 12 years next April and are renewing our vows.

My first wedding was really small,no dress, the tinest cake on a huge cake stand LOL,and no family!!!.

We are planning a to have the wedding day we never had, trouble is i'm so worried about what other people will think, and some of these advice websites could really put you off doing it at all.

I have been to try on dresses, my mum and sister were getting very frustrated with me beacuse they knew i wanted my dream dress, but was worried i'd look silly!!!. I'm only 31 so it's doesn't look silly because of my age, just don't want people to think im over doing it.

Is anyone else renewing thier vows next year ??? or anyone that has already? x


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