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PWer Chest173 provides directions for making these gorgeous paper flower bouquets!  These are perfect for creating a whimsical look in floral for your bridal party, would make a fabulous toss bouquet, or can be used in an infinite number of ways to decorate your ceremony and reception.  



Masking tape(I like it better than green floral tape, I think it was stickier and if it showed at all, it matched)

Very light text weight paper, or tissue paper

Wooden skewers-I broke them up to be about 4 inches


Yarn-for the big fluffy ones, they add a nice texture and break it up a bit

Styrofoam ball-whatever size you want, I used the biggest I could find!


1. Roll up a small piece of paper and attach with tape to the top of the skewer, this is to keep the petals from just falling off. I did this with the rosettes too.

2.Cut between 4-8 circles, depending on how big you want the flower, and poke a small hole in the middle

3.Starting with the first piece of paper, scrunch it up, no need to be neat with it! And continue with all the pieces of paper. Add a little piece of tape on the bottom to keep them from sliding out too.

I used 3 different colors for these because I wanted them to be the main flower


1.Cut a spiral out of a piece of paper, about 4x4 inches

2.Roll all the way down, slightly pinching just to make it tight

3.Slide a skewer through the top and add a piece of tape underneath

I used these mainly to fill the spaces left between the flowers since they are really small!

Yarn Poms

1.Twist about 3-4 feet(yes feet) of yarn between your fingers and slide off when finished

2.Cut a single piece of yarn and place on top, pull very tight and tie at the end of the roll, not in the middle

3.Cut through all the loops until you get a very messy ball

4.Cut off all the ends until you are just left with a fuzzy ball

5.Stick a skewer through the bottom(just a plain skewer, no paper or tape on it). There should be two little strings left from when you tied it, tape those to the skewer. They will be wobbly, but it's ok because the other flowers will hold it up

I used the biggest size styrofoam ball Michaels had, I think 9 inches. I didn't push the flowers all the way down so it would be a little fuller. Each ball took about 150 flowers!

Finished product!



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