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Vintage Paper Wreaths! The Perfect Decor for your Wedding!


Vintage Paper Wreaths!  The Perfect Decor for your Wedding!

I love this little project.  It was quick, easy and only cost me $4.00! { I had most of the supplies on hand already}


Here's the dets:


  • Jumbo Glue Gun {the paper adheres easier IMHO}

  • hot glue gun

  • Wreath form 12 in diameter or smaller {if you go larger you will need a larger book like 8.5x11 size}

  • hay wreath form

  • Vintage book-- I got mine from the GoodWill for $2.50 plus tax

  • vinatge books

  • Matte Sealer {JoAnne Fabrics for $2.99-$3.99, your local dollar store may have this also}

  • sealer

  • Double faced Satin Ribbon {or the ribbon of your choice}

  • pink ribbon


Take the cover off your book:book with no cover

Rip out the pages, you will need about 250 to 400 pages depending on how good you are at rolling the pages

Roll the pages and pinch at the ends.  Apply to the wreath {don't remove the plastic from the wreath unless you want to clean up the hay mess afterward!!}:

Start out filling the back side of the wreath up with these lovelies.  After you have the base of the foundation you will flip the wreath over.  Make your rolls the same way but bend the bottom into a "tab" and apply the flat side to the wreath.  I did this in alternating up and down patterns to give it some fullness and variation.

DON'T be afraid-- you wreath will look terrible-- seriously it will but the more pages you add the better it will look.  Keep up the good work!  Also I forgot to mention, I used the rough edges from ripping the pages to face the outside of the rolls-- so I glued the clean edge to the wreath and the rough side is what you will see-- I think it makes it look more vintage and tattered!!!

Keep rolling-- the rolling is not really something you can do all at once-- so don't try to roll the pages and set them to the side, you should roll them back and forth to ruffle them according to what each spot of the wreath needs at the time.  It looks more authentic-- grab a glass of Moscatto and RELAX, no rush!

THERE WILL BE GAPS!  Don't freak, just fill them in with random rolls that you pinch very tightly on the ends.  Make sure to stuff them down into the wreath VERY well with enough hot glue to secure them. {try not to get glue all over the place, I got 2 glue blisters! Yikes}

Now you can attach the ribbon to the wreath either by wrapping it through the middle, or attaching it to the back-- sorry I don't have a ton more pics-- camera phone was full!

....and the finished product:

Take it and hang it on your door and SPRAY, SPRAY, SPRAY it with Matte Sealer.  I live in Houston-- ie. 100% humidity and the wreath will wilt and warp.  Spray it 4-5 times letting it dry in between for 1-2 mind.

I made one of these to give to my boyfriends mother and she didn't realize it was weather proof so she put it on her dining room table with a crystal candle holder in the center!  It looked like a million bucks.  I can see an entire room full of these as the base for tall arrangements. 


I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did!

For more wedding advice, photography tips, tricks, and downloadable freebies, visit my blog at or send me a message with any questions-- I am happy to help!


Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:32 pm
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