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How to cut off the bottom of a Wine Bottle


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Ok so this picture isn't amazing but you get the idea!


Mission: I needed a little decoration for the outside porch of my venue.

Issue: I love the wine bottles with a strand of lights inside, but I didn't want cords everywhere and I don't think there was a place to plug them in anyway.

1st Attempt: Tried a glass cutter that I had on hand... it was hard to control, slippery and impossible to keep straight. Didn't score enough to break the bottle.

This method: Easy! Takes about 2-3 minutes.





Wine Bottle(Empty, clean of labels and glue)

Acetone & the lid or small bowl

Bucket of ice water

Matches(Not a lighter or other source as the flame could go back into the lighter)

Fire extinguisher, gloves, safety glasses(Just incase!)

Sand paper if you need smooth edges

A safe spot in the yard clear from children, pets, flammable items


**Disclaimer- This should be done outside as it involves fire. I saw the you tube video of this done inside and wouldn't recommend it. It only takes a second for an accident to turn into a house fire.

Wrap the yarn around the bottle about 5 or 6 times and tie it off.

Slide the yarn off the bottom of the bottle(keep the circular form) and dip into acetone. Slide the yarn back over the top of the bottle to the spot that you want. Now, either put gloves on or have someone else light the match as you don't want to light a match with acetone on your fingers!(I just ran inside and washed my hands...)

Holding the bottle by the neck,(upside down... at an angle so the bottom is actually above the neck) light the yarn on fire. Spin the bottle so that the flames go around the bottom evenly and keep it on the tilt to hot gas builds up in the bottom of the wine bottle.

The flame will extinguish on its own in less than 1 minute. Immediately dip the bottle in the ice water and it will pop right off.

If you need to you can sand down the edges with sand paper but please use gloves and safety glasses.

When you place the wine bottle over the votive, the top and middle of the wine bottle will become hot over time but if you need to move it, grab the bottle at the base where the votive is. Use fire gloves or an oven mit to move it if needed.

Any questions, let me know! Happy drinking!

Last Updated: January 11, 2015 at 12:16 pm
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