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DIY Wedding Challenge 2010... our creation!


Our DIY invitations:

Well, after looking through books, online, local vendors, etc... we decided that we'd make our own! :)

The task at hand has been just that... quite the task. What we were looking for in our invitations was something that became an extension of us. (our creativity- his with words and mine with artwork)

To begin, I purchased blank ivory invitations with envelopes from Michaels. I added the response cards to the list (with envelopes), navy ribbon, translucent paper (from the scrapbooking section), and then the cutters/hole punch. Once all of the products were purchase we began to sit down and design them.

Eric took over the wording part. We finally agreed on how to complete that. Since we are having a private wedding and a public reception, we decided to address the invites as our married "couple" name.

In the meantime, I created our "monogram" with word and paint. I decided that it would go on the translucent paper as the cover to our invitations.

After we agreed on the wording and the monogram... all of the printing began. :) It took quite sometime for the printing, but I began to put the final touches on the invitations as I printed them. I used my cutters to decorate the edges and corners of each invitation.  When the monograms were finished printing, I used an off-set cutter to "rough up" the edges of the translucent paper.  I then used a heart-shaped whole punch to punch holes in the top (monogram) and the bottom (invitation) together. I cut navy ribbon to attach them together.

It has taken several days to complete this project. I had to make 250 invitations (but 10 "special" wedding invitations for our immediate family). Now that it's finally done, they will be going into the mail this week. :) I look forward to receiving some feedback from our family and friends!


Last Updated: August 4, 2013 at 12:25 am
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