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DIY Pimp Cups


1. I got some old wine glasses I already had, cleaned and dried them thoroughly, and taped them off with Blue Painter's Tape. Because the glasses are curved, be careful to tape them evenly.

2. After carefully taping off the glasses, spraypaint the glasses with light, even coats.  We did about 2 coats, leaving time to dry in between.

3. After 24 hrs or so, I took off the painters tape from all the wine glasses and cleaned them carefully with a damp cloth before placing the rhinestones on them.  Make sure they are completely dry before placing the rhinestones.  Place the rhinestones in a pattern of your choosing.  I used Swarovski Flatback rhinestones in 3mm and 4mm sizes, with craft glue made for beads and glass.

4. I wanted to put their initials to personalize them so I taped in their initials from the inside, and followed the pattern.  You can print out a font from your computer, but I preferred my own handwriting.


5. I used a high gloss sealer to seal the paint and keep it from chipping.  **Make sure you cover the unpainted glass and rhinestones otherwise the sealant will destroy its sheen.**

6. Clean the insides of the glasses before use.  Remember to only handwash these glasses and to handle them carefully.  I also providd the girls with straws so they didnt have to worry about getting lipstick on the rhinestones.  Enjoy!! :)


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Last Updated: August 3, 2013 at 11:55 pm
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