eric and brittany
December 29, 2012

wedding party

meg rich | maid of honor

brittany's college friend, honorary sister, & sometimes therapist. meg has recently moved from new york to harford, connecticut, where she is completing a psychology residency at the institute of living, an arm of hartford hospital.

allison westlake | bridesmaid

brittany's highschool friend from church at dawson, confidant & "church buddy". lives in birmingham, where she works in the public relations department of alabama power.

amy denny | bridesmaid
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brittany's former tax accounting co-worker, friend, advisor, and "mother" to brittany's dog "nieces", maddie and lexi. amy and her husband steven have recently moved with their "girls" to new york, ny.

josie capuano | bridesmaid

brittany's college friend from samford, fellow old soul, & animal lover.  lives in atlanta where she works for the marketing company, unboundary.

laura echerd | bridesmaid

brittany's college friend from samford, optimist, & party planner. lives in huntsville where she works for signature homes, though she regularly visits birmingham to continue helping her clients with their design needs (and to visit brittany).

melanie gaskin kirk | bridesmaid

brittany's highschool friend from church at dawson, encourager, & strategist.  coming in from pinehurst, north carolina where she lives with her husband, alan, who recently returned home from serving the united states army as a member of the JAG corps.

stephanie wingard williamson | bridesmaid

brittany's highschool friend from briarwood ballet, faithful companion, quiet strength & dancer. coming in from texas where she lives with her husband, temple. stephanie and temple will be attend the wedding in spirit only, as they are expecting their first child, due december 29, 2012!

john woods | best man
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eric met john in seminary, and john quickly became a kindred spirit in organization, liturgy, and spirituality.  one of eric's closest friends, john and his wife lindsay provided lots of great dating advice in eric's early days with brittany.  they live with their son, hudson, and daughter, emma, in victoria, texas, where john is minister of music and worship at northside baptist church.

eric bergquist | groomsman
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eric had no idea that his future brother-in-law would also be his namesake.  though their common ground is fiance and sister brittany, eric m. has come to appreciate the humor, independence, and general savviness of eric b.  an accountant with pricewaterhousecoopers, eric b. lives in arlington, virginia, with his wife megan.

m.j. gallop | groomsman
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eric met m.j. while in seminary.  there, they bonded over late-night conversations at chili's about transforming church ministry, solving world problems, and reforming all things youth choir.  m.j. is a visionary and maintains a prophetic edge in all matters of life.  he serves as director of worship at holy covenant united methodist church in katy, texas.

matt gemmill | groomsman
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matt came to wheaton as a freshman when eric was a senior.  a remarkable pianist with humble intellect, matt has taught eric much about music, literature, and religion.  his thoughts are deep, provocative, and always represent the best combination of the intellectual and the spiritual.  matt lives in wheaton, illinois, where he teaches at wheaton college and maintains a full schedule as a freelance collaborative pianist.

aaron mathis | groomsman
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affectionately known as "bruzzer," aaron is eric's more athletic, more confident, and more opinionated brother.  he grew up fulfilling his responsibilities as eric's younger sibling with remarkable talent, though he now uses those energies to maintain his solid work ethic and realistic perceptions of life.  aaron is a mortician and funeral director in the family business and an emerging young leader in dexter, missouri.  he lives with his wife brittany, dog lexi, and cat levi. aaron and brittany are the proud parents of harper anne, born october 9.

josh reimann | groomsman
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josh and eric are cousins.  though connected by family and childhood memories with grandparents, they now possess a common vocation - serving the church through public christian worship.  josh is usually witty, endlessly optimistic, and always dependable.  he is a seminary student and worship leader in louisville, kentucky, where he lives with his wife katie and daughter lily kate.