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Ashley and Chris
September 22, 2009

Wedding Party

We are so blessed to have our close friends standing beside us when we take our vows of marriage.

Kathy O'Donnel, Maid of Honor
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Katherine and I have been the best of friends since our first day in grade school. We have been through so much together... from playing two square during recess, to double dating for the senior prom, and cheering each other on during our college graduation. She is like my sister and I can't imagine anyone else standing by my side during the big day!

Angie Williams, Bridesmaid
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Angie and I were college roommates and instantly clicked the moment we met. We have always been there for each other through late-night study sessions, parties on the quad, or that awesome spring break in Hawaii our senior year. I am so glad that we are still such close friends to this day.

Melissa Cho, Bridesmaid
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Mel and I have so much fun together! Everything she says makes me laugh, and I love how we always cause such a riot wherever we go. I am so lucky to have a friend like her.

Adam Wood, Best Man
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Adam and I go way back to high school. Back then, we'd lift weights after football practice, or work on our pick-up trucks on the weekends instead of doing homework. Nowadays we chew the cud every Sunday morning while watching football over pretzels and beer. Seems like we haven't changed that much!

Mike Ramirez, Groomsman
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Mike, AKA Mr. Cool, is the ultimate biker / heavy metal / travel enthusiast. Whenever I call or email him, he's always in some new country... Ecuador, Guatemala, Spain, France, Italy... who knows where he's going next? But don't let the perfectly-coiffed faux hawk fool you... Mike is the most loyal and true friend a guy could have.

Justin Lake
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Justin is Mr. All American. He was Captain of our football team and homecoming king in high school. Now he's just finishing up medical school at UCLA. He may make the rest of look like slackers, but I couldn't be more proud!