Kaela  and Jonathan
September 2, 2012

Our Story

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How We Met

Kaela's Story: Jonathan and I met Sept. 16th a week after my 21st birthday. I was freshly ending things with a bad previous relationship, and he was enjoying his single life, being newly single that summer.  It was at a dueling piano bar and my friends decided to dedicate a birthday song to me which led to me trying to hula-hoop on top of the piano while they sang happy birthday. I saw Jonathan with his friends sitting at the table next to the pianos and thought he was cute. My friends decide to let him know of my obvious crush and before you know it, he buys me a birthday drink. Although I we exchanged numbers, after a few minutes of talking- I was not very smitten by his charm. He called a few days later and I decided I just wasn't interested. About a month later a mistaken text was sent on my behalf and we planned our first date. We went to Pf changes Nov. 2nd and followed with a second date a few days later to a Ducks game. Although I enjoyed his company, I was uneasy about starting to date again and after weeks of hour long phone conversations I decided to give Jonathan a real chance. We spent Thanksgiving weekend together in 2008, and before we knew it we both felt something that was not only special but complete. After six months of being together, Jonathan told me he was in love with me on a Sunday sunset at his beach house in Mexico. After that amazing night, I pretty much knew I was with the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  Jonathan and I could not be more opposite but we both have what the other person lacks and its a perfect balance :) I am so happy and glad that we found each other and would not change a thing! 



Jonathan's Story:  

The first time I laid eyes on Kaela she was trying to hula-hoop on top of a piano.  She actually came up to me and we started talking. Not long into our conversation I realized this was a very special girl. Not only was she beautiful but she had a fun personality that instantly attracted me to her. After we had parted ways I found myself thinking about her enough that I wanted to call her the next day.  We talked a little over the next month and I tried and tried to get her to go out with me. It wasn’t until she accidentally texted me that I was finally able to convince her to go to dinner with me.

The more and more we talked and hung out I realized that Kaela had so many beautiful qualities that I have never seen in a person. I found myself always wanting to be around her. Around that time I knew that I had found someone special.


Proposal Story

Jonathan and I have been together for over 3 years. When I first met Jonathan, even before we dated, i knew he had a purpose in my life. Whether he was there just to get me through a tough time- or get me through every tough time for the rest of my life- he had a reason for being in my life. Jonathan is the type of person who can balance me and is all together just good for me. I am dramatic and outgoing and he is realistic and collected. I seem to bring out the fun in him, and he brings out the practical in me. We're good for each other. After we started dating- falling for him was out of my control. It just happened. We fell hard for each other. Together our life is just easier and complete. After many e-mails and perfect talk about our "one day" wedding... Jonathan finally decided it was time to take the plunge :) I gave him quite a bit of assistance on designing the ring through out the years so he was well equipped to start the process. He originally planned on proposing in Ohio (at my favorite spot on my parents property) however due to modifications with the ring, it was not finished in time. So he proposed on a beautiful Saturday Sunset in Laguna Beach CA when we returned home. My parents flew in for a visit and were there to capture the entire moment . All though the day was beautiful- I was being completely difficult. I had a horrible sinus infection and completely bare faced with puffy bags under my eyes. I wanted to wear sweats to go to the beach however he insisted that I looked cute in my skirt and to keep it on. (He really didn't care what I wore, however he knew I would have been agitated to get engaged in sloppy sweat pants!). My parents insisted that we get our picture taken together by the water at sunset. I was eager to call my parents over to get in the picture with us because they were visiting from Ohio- so I wanted to take their picture! (they were really just trying to capture the moment of the proposal). Not catching on that he was proposing (as he was telling me how much he loved me and how much he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me), So finally when Jonathan dropped to his knee, it occurred to me that "OMG THIS IS HAPPENING!!" (as I kept saying that line over and over) . I realized why my parents were in on the whole thing. My ring is absolutely amazing but not as amazing as the man I get to spend the rest of my life with :) I've never felt so blessed.The proposal was great, however the best part was about 5 minutes after when we were freshly engaged, with fresh tears on our faces, holding each other tight realizing that in that moment we just started a new chapter to the rest of our lives.

What Jonathan has to say about Kaela:

From the very first moment I met Kaela I was so attracted to her warmth and kindness. Inside her beutiful exterior lies an even more beutiful person.  In the begining I loved the part of her that wanted to babysit Sydney everyday and that it gave me an excuss to see her so much. I love the fact that we constantly try to take care of the other everyday. Kaela loves everything! I love he way she urges me to be better person everyday. I love the fact that it is so easy to love her. Her core beliefs, her love for family, and her passion for life has rubbed off on me in so many ways. I cant imagine another day with out having this beutiful women in my life forever. I feel so lucky that I am marrying the best women, future wife, future mother and my best friend.

What Kaela has to say about Jonathan:

Jonathan Bartosh Kinney.... where do I begin. Other than the fact I think he is ridiculously good-looking, Jonathan is everything that I am not. He is an only child and makes it clear to everyone that he is :) When I first met Jonathan, I was so attracted to his personality that didn't make any sense to me. He's not outgoing, or emotional (at all), and nothing is ever a big deal to him. Jonathan is logical and has to reason with everything. He has to think everything through. I needed that in my life- where as I don't think things through I just go based on feelings (and he needs that too). Jonathan is calm and reserved and at first I mistaken that characteristic for apathy and insensitivity. However the more I started to learn about about him, I knew there characteristics represented stability, trust, and respect. Thats when I really fell in love with who he was. I  don't have to worry with Jonathan because he always has strength. Whether its just keep my chin up when I swear the world is falling, or just a hug after a long day- Jonathan makes my world stable. Jonathan is a provider in his love. He always wants to take care of me, and his way of saying I love you is holding my hand or just spending time with me. I love him for his light heart because thats what I need in my life. Although, Jonathan has a really big heart that is really hard to break into. However when he does let you in; it makes your world a better place to be in.