Devon and Wil Davis
December 18, 2010

Our Story

Here's a little something to help you get to know us better....

How the Lord brought us together!
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 I'm sure you're wondering "What! They're engaged and have been dating for only 5 months and 3 of those months they didn't even see each other so really only 2 real months of interaction?! Crazy Kids!" I would have to say yes to that last part, we're CRAZY IN LOVE! But I'll give you a little background on our friendship so maybe it'll damper your initial shock of the apparent immediacy of our marriage. Devon and I... We go back. We met at Christ Covenant Presbyterian Church youth group. It wasn't love at first sight for me I hate to say, and my reasoning isn't any better. I always saw Devon as the beautiful, fun, energetic, cool older girl in the youth group and there was no way (me being two years younger) I would ever be bold enough to even have thoughts of being with someone with such awesomeness as Devon. I thank God so much for the opportunity that He gave the both of us to serve Him through our youth group on short term missions. Devon and I have traveled to Alaska, Kentucky, Colorado, the Bahamas and even here locally serving the Lord together growing and building friendships with many people and each other. The very first time I Knew I had it bad for Devon Morgan was when she was driving me to the Cheeks house from some event in her old 1987 baby blue 4runner. (It was a five speed and once I found out that this was her vehicle She gained major points on top of all the points she already had) She was driving me because I was 15 and couldn't drive yet hahaha, but the instant I knew is when she was making a left turn from parkside drive onto campbell station road... on the phone, eating and shifting gears all at the same time!! I thought to my self "dang! this girl has got skills!" So that's the moment, mostly jokingly, I said I gotta have this girl. Well we had different lives and stuff so we weren't best friends but we remained buddies. My Senior year in highschool, her being at UT, was when we really started to become friends and I really started having it BAD for Devon. I didn't tell anyone but everyone knew that she cranked my tractor and spun my wheels. I'd jump through a million hoops and cancel a thousand plans just so i'd get to see her. When phone vibrated in class my stomach dropped because there was a chance that it was Devon texting me the joke of the day or something silly and fun like that, because she often did. We were best friends! We did everything together and had so much fun doing it. And fellas I know you're probably thinking "why didn't you man up and just ask the girl out?" I didn't because she really was one of my best friends. I couldn't risk loosing that for some feelings I had, I cared for her way to much to risk making things awkward between us and I knew if it was the Lord's will we'd be together. But once again us having such different lives at the time and for various reasons we kinda split a little, but by my feelings did not. I graduated and went to UT, same school as Devon. I was hoping I'd see more of her and I did. We remained friends and I remained praying to the Lord asking to bring us together. I never prayed that God would bring me just someone, I always prayed that the Lord would bring me specifically Devon. She is the only woman I have ever wanted enough to consistently bring my concern to the Lord. But long story short this past Christmas break she was in town and we hung out a ton. We goofed off and she helped me paint one of my dad's houses and we got into a huge paint war (like we always have when paint is present) and flirted like old times. (she was living in nashville at the time so i rarely saw her). I got her skype address and we did that after she left back to nashville and we were growing as friends once again!! But when things really changed for us was on that fatefull day of January 31, 2010. (my Birthday) She drove all the way from Nashville just to visit me on my birthday! :) She has always been one of my best friends and this is proof. She bought me my first beer, left it on my jeep in the parking lot, took a picture of it and texted it to me saying happy birthday! I couldn't believe she was in knox vegas visiting ME. So she and I stayed up all night watching Disney princess movies. It was so great and I wouldn't have traded it for the world. The very next friday I got of work at 11pm and called Devon immediately. She said she had no plans for the weekend so I said "sweet! i'm on my way!) So I drove to nashville that night in a snow storm... if you could call it that. I arrived at her apartment and we stayed up till 4am because we then promptly went to feed the poor at a soup kitchen that morning at 5am till noon. We took a nap, made a rap video together (its on facebook) and then went to a concert that night. Typical day of us hanging out. We have always been comfortable with each other but that weekend I felt something different. I tried calling her for a week to talk about it but she now admits why she didn't answer it becuase she was nervous because she knew that's what I was going to talk to her about. I finally reached her through Texting... lame, and we both agreed something was different and we liked each other but we wouldn’t pursue anything right now. Well needless to say that didn't work out! We started officially dating April 3rd, I proposed to her September 10th and we're getting married December 18th all in 2010! pretty much my favorite year of all time. Devon Morgan is absolutely the greatest blessing that The Lord has ever given me(apart from salvation and a life walking with Him). She is the only Woman I have ever loved and it will forever remain that way. We can't wait to grow more and more in love with each other and fall deeper and deeper in love with our Savior Jesus Christ. We praise God for bringing us together. He has blessed our relationship so much so far and we are constantly humbled by the grace He has bestowed upon us. My favorite verse right now in all of the Bible is Jesus speaking in John 15:9-"Just as the Father has loved me, I also have loved you, remain in my love." It makes me cry to think that God can love us as much as He did His own son Jesus. I can't wait to fall deeper in love with Him and lead Devon in such a path.

The Proposal!
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Wil told me the night before that we were going to do something fun so i should probably wear jeans and definitely wear tennis shoes.  So when he picked me up I was ready for an adventure! We pulled up to a random neighborhood that was about 10 minutes from my parents' house, parked and got out of the car.  I had no idea where we were, but Wil said to just trust him. After about 15 minutes trail-blazing through the woods, we came to the most beautiful spot in knoxville!! It was the bluffs that you can see from my parents' living room!  The view was so gorgeous- it over looked the lake and rolling hills of trees. I was so excited because Wil had brought food for us and we were going to eat a picnic on a rock that is 200ft high and jutted out over the lake.  It was pretty dangerous though, so wil carefully set up a blanket and pulled out all of my favorite foods:  Mcalister's Chicken Tortilla soup, Silver Spoon Spinach Queso Dip, Chick-fil-a grilled chicken sandwich and a large sweet tea! It was so cute because he had put them in little individual containers and had wrapped them so they stayed warm. 

At this point, I still wasn't thinking anything was going on, because Wil does sweet things for me like this all of the time, so it wasn't very unusual.  We prayed and then started eating, and it was about the time i took a huge bite of my grilled chicken sandwich that i looked over to my left and saw a man on the rock above us.  I screamed and said "AHHH there's a man!"  I was legitimately scared because we had just trail-blazed through 15 minutes of woods to get there and there definitely shouldn't have been anyone else around. haha but then the man popped his head up and I screamed "AHH!! its your dad!!!" Then i looked at Wil and was asking why in the world his dad would be there.  Wil was trying to think of some sort of lie he could tell me that would give any reason to his dad being there, but after about 5 seconds he gave up and went over to his backpack.  I was freaking out because I was realizing what was going on and i just couldn't believe it was really happening! He pulled out a little box and opened it up to the most beautiful ring i have ever seen!! He asked me to marry him and, with the bite of chicken sandwich still in my mouth, I said YES!! 

The coolest part about everything is that it had rained all day morning and afternoon and Wil was praying his guts out that it would stop raining when he picked me up, because he didn't have a back up plan.  About an hour before he picked me up- it stopped raining:) and became the most gorgeous day! And Wil was upset because I saw his dad and sped up the process of him asking me to marry him, but it ended up being perfect because the sun was setting right when he asked me and we got about 5 minutes of pictures with the sun setting in the background.  If he would have waited with his initial plan, the sun would have already set when he asked me to marry him.  It was almost like the Lord was saying "I gave you some sunshine, now hurry up already!" haha.  Everything was so perfect, and I was running on adrenaline and giggles at this point. 

After we left the bluffs, Wil started driving me to his parents house where he said our parents would be waiting to congratulate us.  BUT it turns out that Wil had called 50 of our friends and family to come surprise me for an engagement party!  It was so fun, and i coudn't stop giggling!  I am so excited to be marrying the love of my life!:)

The Bride: Devon Chalyn Morgan
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The Groom: Wil Davis Glafenhein
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