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Last Updated: March 16, 2010 at 6:13 am
This chic fancy elegant vintage inspired bridal wreath is great for weddings or any special occasion. Hang them on the church doors, down the aisle, at the alter, in the dinner reception areas, on light poles, anywhere! Its a great way to decorate your spaces with color, style, and character! The wreath is embellished with feathers, silk flowers, jewels, pearls, and satin ribbon. The wreath is beautifully assembled from all sides both front and back. It's very light weight and easy to transport. Hang with a satin ribbon tie. Satin ribbon tie will come with the wreath loose so you can tie it however you'd like! The wreath is 12" wide from outer edge to outer edge. Colors of this design are white, silver, eggplant, and deep pink. * There is a watermark on the digital graphic. It is not part of the design and is for copyright purposes. All wreaths can be custom designed to all your desired needs! I'll need to know exactly what you want and what colors etc to figure a price for your custom wreath. There will be a standard customization fee. Wreaths come in larger or smaller sizes too, just send that info along with your request and I'll price it out for you. For custom orders/requests, please email me the following info in your order: 1. Silk flower color and type (colors/types may be limited) 2. Satin ribbon colors for all layers (as shown or specify additional layers to be added) 3. Wreath diameter 4. How many wreaths needed 5. Feathers, satin fabric, felt, & pearl colors 6. Length of satin ribbon hang tie 7. Jewel colors (may be limited) 8. Any other special requests (additional customization fee may apply) Once I get all the necessary info, I will start production. * The price listed is for 1 handcrafted vintage wreath (as shown). Shipping is via USPS priority mail unless otherwise specified by buyer. In this case, shipping charge will be adjusted. * Shipping price listed may have to be modified to accommodate larger orders, and may go up in price. ************************************************************ BEWARE OF IMITATORS! All my work is unique and one-of-a-kind! Right now, this is the only place where you can find and buy my custom creations and designs. Please do not purchase my designs and use them to sell to others. Please do not purchase my work or any digital files to recreate the same item and then to re-sell it, for neither commercial or personal uses. Please do not copy and forward the design to friends for their use. I am a local artist and want my work to have value and respect. Thank you!vendors: My Lady Dye
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