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Jewelry, white, pink, Earrings, Bride, Cascade, Topaz, Amethyst, Glamorosi, Sterling silver, Mystic topaz
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Last Updated: February 4, 2014 at 12:50 am
These opulent sterling silver earrings by Glamorosi feature a linear cascade of white mystic topaz rondelles above a plump faceted onion cut briolette of pink amethyst. The earrings are loaded with sparkle and a total of 46 hand-wrapped stones. The white topaz is micro-faceted and has a subtle “Mystic” or iridescent finish. The amethyst briolettes are the pinkish-purple color of lilacs ((I'd be happy to make this style with a different bottom stone to match your wedding ensemble). The earrings are topped with an elegant floral post finding. All components are sterling silver. These earrings are perfect for a bride and work with both traditional and modern wedding attire. Length: 1 7/8” vendors: Glamorosi
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