Sep 25, 2010

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This was the first thing we booked. It took me a while to settle in on though. I had really wanted an outdoor ceremony, but there's weren't any venues answering my emails around here. I tried a few vineyards and bed and breakfasts, but no answer. I started looking at government type venues. 

I liked the balloon museum (see tons of pics here), but they were out of budget. 

And then I thought of one of my favorite places in the city:

Ceremony Venue photo 1Ceremony Venue photo 2

Old town gazebo! (here and here)

Our E-Pic there:

Ceremony Venue photo 3'

(taken by a friend)

Again, budget got in the way.

Fortunately, we found thought of the University of New Mexico Alumni Memorial Chapel, and being students, got a great price for booking there. Pictures do not really do the chapel justice.

Ceremony Venue photo 4(outside)Ceremony Venue photo 5(inside during a wedding)Ceremony Venue photo 6(some color)

These pictures make the inside look long, tall, barren and cold... but it's really not. It's very cozy and intimate. Plus, UNM campus is gorgeous! Tons of couples take pictures at the Duck Pond. I can't wait for my turn. Look:

Ceremony Venue photo 7(source)

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What a drama that was.... 

I started shopping early. I really, truly love princessy tulle ball gowns. But I was afraid they wouldn't look good on me, and none of the stores I initially went to had one for me to try on. Eventually I settled on an Alfred Angelo dress. I somehow don't have a picture of this one. However, when I was ready to order, it had been discontinued and I had to start over. 

At this point, I decided I was going to take a chance and order one of the custom dresses from a Chinese company. After much research I settled on Dressilyme (found here and the PW group here). I finally got to try on some floofy ball gowns and loved them!

THE DRESS photo 1THE DRESS photo 2

Both from Demetrios  

I loved these, they were so heavily beaded and sparkled! 

In looking at Dressilyme's website, I found a couple others...

THE DRESS photo 3THE DRESS photo 4

(here and here, I don't know the original designers of these, sorry )

Knowing, now, that I liked how I looked in ball gown, depending on the waistline, I was ok with not trying the exact dress on. I was going to get my dream dress at a price in my budget.

I decided on the last, with a minor change:

THE DRESS photo 5

(same source, paint shopped by me)

My mom hates halter tops on me... says my neck is too short, so I asked Dressilyme to take that off. No problem. 

6 weeks later, I had the dress in my hands!

THE DRESS photo 6THE DRESS photo 7THE DRESS photo 8THE DRESS photo 9THE DRESS photo 10

(all personal photos)


The lace is wonderful and actually inspired me to change my theme! I love my dress so much!



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The ceremony decor will just be pomanders hanging from the pews. I'm debating whether to make them from tulle or from a different fabric. FH and I saw a how-to that used what looked like cotton, attached to paper lanterns. FH loved this and thought we could use LEDs in them and then also have them double as centerpieces. We'll have to experiment with that. Here's the how-to link:

I love the look of pomanders. I just don't know about the centerpiece idea. 


Edit 8/7/2010

Nixed the pomanders all together. Just not in the budget or time. I actually don't think we're going to do anything in the chapel. From what I can see, most couples don't. There's just too many rules. 

For the centerpieces we decided on each table having groupings of mason jars with ribbons around them and candles inside. I love this idea, because the whole thing was starting to get more formal than I intended, and I get the groups of candles I really wanted. I love this look, it's easy and still comes off looking somewhat elegant.

The decor photo 1


The decor photo 2


The decor photo 3



A combination of the last two is what we're going for. Planning on About 5 per table, different sizes, but not all in a line.

I can't wait to see it come together!


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I was pretty young when I decided I wanted a rainbow wedding. It was one of the very very few wedding decisions I had before actually getting engaged. The inspiration came from my mom's first wedding; her bridesmaids all wore matching dresses and hats, in different pastel colors. I loved the idea. However... I'm not a pastel kinda girl, so my 'maids will be sporting gem-tones instead. Here's the color swatches:

The colors photo 1The colors photo 2The colors photo 3The colors photo 4


That should be the order they stand in too. MOH is in blue and then the other three will be in height order.



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My name's Stephanie, the fiance is Lee. I'm a very low budget bride, trying to plan a wedding here in New Mexico. Sometimes it seems a little impossible, but really things are going pretty well.


I love project wedding. Mostly because I love seeing what others are doing. I love talking weddings and it's nice to have a place to do so without risk of irritating my loved ones. :)