Dec 05, 2009

Art with Nature Floral Design
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Not only was Kim super accommodating, she was beyond what I needed and or expected. I envisioned what every bide wants when it comes to flowers, design, and decor. I literally felt like she took everything I said and made it a million times superior than I had expected. Kim was always on time for our appointments, always available via phone and email, and ready with her crew on my wedding day. The venue I booked was not the traditional country club or reception site so I was extremely nervous about how to go about creating the right ambiance. Kim took my wedding colors (white and teal/turquoise) and placed it ever so masterfully throughout the ceremony, reception, tables, bouquet, etc... She was super easy to work with and I seriously cannot reiterate how at ease I was ever since I booked her. I met with several other florist who were either pushy, or didn't hear my visions, pricey, and just simply hard to reach. So when we met I knew Kim was the one. I'm not the greatest with words so I hope you can see pictures from the wedding as it should justify how talented Kim is. She's just "got it". On a last note, I didn't know that my bakery had dropped off the wedding cake without placing some decorative emblems that I had requested due to some communication errors that I had only later found out about. My sister told me that Kim stepped in and took care of everything she was supposed to regarding flowers and decor AND MY WEDDING CAKE! She wasn't even responsible for the cake yet she took the initiative and placed beautiful flowers on the cake along with the emblems that were supposed to be taken care of by my bakery. Kim, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. My sister's are anxious to use you for their weddings when their time should come! XOXO
Services used: Flowers

Janet Brunton
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I bought a dress from out of town and had paid an additional rush fee to have the dress shipped to me asap. The gown was sent to me 3 weeks late! I was in a rut and on the edge of insanity until I found JANET!!! Actually, I know it was God who was directing me to her. I found Janet on PW and she contacted me the very next morning to set up a time to get fitted. She had mentioned that she had a couple other dresses to work on but after hearing my dilemma, she was more than accommodating. I brought the dress to her the week of my wedding, went in 2 times to get fitted and picked it up the morning on the wedding day. She was super knowledgeable, kind, fast and my wedding gown is proof that she is absolutely the sweetest and best. My dress entailed a lot of lace and delicate threading. I don't know how she did what she did but she shortened the length/hem, took in the sides, and conjured up a beautiful french bustle( color coordinated the pins so my MOH could easily assist me). The 2 things I really appreciated aside from her being so accommodating, was the fact that she explained what she was going to do for each step of the alteration and a sweet prayer she said on behalf of me for the wedding day. It brought tears to my eyes knowing that she truly wished me the best. It was just a simple gesture but so honest. The dress was complimented a thousand times, it fitting perfectly throughout the wedding, and I couldn't have imagined it fitting any other way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Janet.
Services used: Dress & Attire