Nov 20, 2010

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It was a whirlwind of a day...The ceremony was beyond beautiful and emotional. The reception was gorgeous and had amazing food and A LOT of partying. It went by soooo fast but it was an awesome day that has begun and even more awesome part of my life. I don't have many professional pictures but I will show a combination of professional and personal pics.

Married photo 1Married photo 2 

Married photo 3Married photo 4Married photo 5 My

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My bridesmaids will be wearing this Jordan dress in aubergine...a dark eggplant color. My sisters will be my 2 maids of honor and they will have a brooch on the sash of their dress. It looks great on everyone!

.Bridesmaids photo 1

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Wedding Attire and Accessories photo 1Wedding Attire and Accessories photo 2

Wedding Attire and Accessories photo 3

Wedding Attire and Accessories photo 4

The dress is Anne Barge and will be custom fit for me. The fitted area will come up about two inches higher just to give a better proportion. I also am adding a flower that is a bit larger than the one in the picture on the dress. The veil will be Cathedral veil but will not be the drop veil, it will go straight down from the comb with a satin band.

Wedding Attire and Accessories photo 5Wedding Attire and Accessories photo 6

I wanted a large hairpiece that made a bit of a statement. The flower is from Toni Frederici and is called juniper.

 Wedding Attire and Accessories photo 7

In the picture of me wearing the hairpiece you can also see a bit of the earrings I may be wearing as well as the pic above. I have an option of two but haven't made the decision of which I will use.

Wedding Attire and Accessories photo 8Wedding Attire and Accessories photo 9

The bracelet is from lulusplendor on etsy.

Wedding Attire and Accessories photo 10

I wanted pee toe shoes that weren't too high and super comfortable. They are marimbow by Stuart Wietzman and they are just what I wanted!


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Engagement photo 1Engagement photo 2Engagement photo 3

Anthony and I spend most of our free time working on puzzles (I know its a little cheesy). He used our favorite pastime to propose! It was unexpected, as you can tell by our appearances in the above pic (that was right after), and probably the best day of my life thus far. The ring is perfect and exactly what I wanted, its halo style with micropave diamonds in the and around the bad. I can't seem to get a great pic of it. We are so excited to be husband and wife!

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Anthony and I met January 25, 2008. From the very beginning we knew what we had was special. Our relationship has been nothing but easy and comfortable from the very beginning. Spending the rest of our lives together became the plan early on and on May 16, 2009 we were engaged. Our excitement for the wedding day grows with each passing day. Starting our lives together is a joy we can't wait to experience!

Request me as a friend to see my entire bio and more about my wedding! I don't want my family and fiance to even have the possibility of seeing my dress!